What You See…

Aurora Colson

The cover images and designs for Rude Note Records, together with many of the photographs, have been created by Aurora Colson – who is not only a vocalist but is also a very talented visual artist and graphic designer!

Aurore Colson

After initially studying Applied Art, Aurore graduated with honours in Graphic Design and Graphic Communication at L’école Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg. Fascinated by pop culture and art and influenced by Warhol and Lichtenstein, Aurore has also been strongly influenced by Japanese art and culture.

Originally from Neuves-Maisons near Nancy in France, Aurora relocated to London in 2002.

Mark Channer

The photos of David Philips have all been taken by Mark Channer of Redux Pictures.

Mark specializes in moody photos of musicians and has a website at www.reduxxphotography.com

1 Response to What You See…

  1. steveledez says:

    “Aurora has the
    phenomenal vocal talent to convey emotions with such passion and conviction. Her charisma along with edgy music rhythms offer such originality that places her in a genre of her own. Hear her once and immediately be immersed into her world.”

    -Steve Ledez

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