Tunes That We Know…

Cover pic for Mike Collins | Jim Mullen album "Tunes that we know..."

RNA 004 – “Tunes That We Know…” – Mike Collins | Jim Mullen

The idea for this album was born when Jim suggested that we pick some of the most well-known tunes that we could think of that we both knew well enough or could learn to play quickly enough. We started out playing several of these as duets, but quickly progressed to recording these, using click tracks to keep the timing steady. Blair Cunningham and Winston Blissett were both available around this time to record bass and drums, so these were added next. We also invited Damon Butcher to play piano on several of the tracks and Damon worked out the piano arrangement and chords for “A Time For Love” together with Jim. Damon also brought in a great piano arrangement of the Star Trek theme for us to record. On “Come Rain or Shine”, Tony O’Malley (who happened to be staying at my place for a few days) guests on piano, and two tracks, “Over The Rainbow” and “Moon River”, feature Roger Beaujolais on vibraphone instead of piano.

Track List

1. Name That Tune (?)

2. Nessun Dorma (Giacomo Puccini)

3. Somewhere (Composed by Leonard Bernstein/Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim)

4. Maria (Composed by Leonard Bernstein/Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim)

5. Hush (Traditional, arranged by Jim Mullen, Mike Collins, Winston Blissett & Blair Cunningham)

6. Greensleeves (Traditional, arranged by Jim Mullen & Mike Collins)

7. Over the sea to Skye (Traditional, arranged by Jim Mullen & Mike Collins)

8. Danny Boy (Traditional, arranged by Jim Mullen & Mike Collins)

9. A Time For Love (Composed by Johnny Mandel/Lyrics by Paul Francis Webster)

10. Star Trek Theme (Alexander Courage)

11. Cast Your Fate To The Wind (Vince Guaraldi)

12. Come Rain or Shine (Composed by Harold Arlen/Lyrics by Johnny Mercer)

13. Over The Rainbow (Composed by Harold Arlen/Lyrics by E. Y. Harburg)

14. Moon River (Composed by Henry Mancini/Lyrics by Johnny Mercer)

15. Secret Love (Composed by Sammy Fain/Lyrics by Paul Francis Webster)


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