Original songs by David Philips & Mike Collins out now!

Tuesday, Jan 17, 2012: The first two original compositions featuring the songwriting and vocal talents of David Philips in collaboration with guitarist/producer Mike Collins is available on iTunes from today!

RNS 0014 – “She’s So Entertaining” c/w “Try” – Mike Collins | David Philips

Cover pic for "She's so entertaining/Try" single release by Mike Collins & David Philips

With great lyrics from David, “She’s so entertaining, she’s like a movie star… like Greta Garbo, Ava Gardner, Liz Taylor, Sophia Loren, Dorothy Dandridge…”, this song celebrates the woman he has so obviously fallen for in a big way!

“Try” is a very introspective song, but with a positive message of hope for those who stick together in the face of adversity: “Now you’re thinking to yourself, ‘where do I go from here’ … (from) each hurt… you learn (to)… Try, keep your head up when the storms come, You got to remember to try, together… take it to the limit, love never dies”!

On both songs, David Philips plays keyboards, Mike Collins plays electric and acoustic guitars and hand percussion, Anselmo Netto plays hand percussion, Winston Blissett plays bass and Marc Parnell plays drums. Jay Stapley plays the rock guitar ‘licks’ on “Try” and Aurora Colson sings the chorus vocal ‘hook’, “Try”, together with David.

Click here to buy this on iTunes


About rudenoterecords

Rude Note Records is a 'boutique' record label operated by Mike Collins - a music producer, recording engineer, studio musician and song co-writer who creates pop, folk, blues, soul and jazz music.
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