A Christmas song with a twist!

Thursday, 1 December 2011: Our first Christmas song is now available on iTunes and will soon be available on Deezer, the leading European streaming website which is widely used in France; on Beezik, France’s premium download store; on Spotify in the UK, France, Sweden, Spain, Norway and Finland; on Amazon MP3 in the US, UK, France and Germany; on the Android platform; and on Google’s brand new music service, Google Music as soon as this goes ‘live’ in the UK/Europe.

RNS 0012 – White Christmas/Noel Blanc c/w “Noel Blanc”

Cover pic for "White Christmas" by Mike Collins & Aurora Colson

Released on December 1st for Christmas 2011, this is a ‘foot-tapping’ jazzed-up version of the classic Irving Berlin song. Aurora sings this in English first, then changes to her native French language… which worked out so well that she also sang the whole song in French – a separate mix of which is included here under its translated title “Noel Blanc”.

Click here to buy this on iTunes!

Click here to buy this in MP3 format on Amazon


About rudenoterecords

Rude Note Records is a 'boutique' record label operated by Mike Collins - a music producer, recording engineer, studio musician and song co-writer who creates pop, folk, blues, soul and jazz music.
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