The Album Covers: Q & A Session with Aurora Colson

There has been a lot of interest in the album covers created for the singles featuring Aurora Colson, so it seemed like a good idea to arrange a Q & A session to let Aurora tell the story behind these herself. Here goes:

“It’s Too Late”

Cover pic for It's Too LAte by Mike Collins|Aurora Colson

Q How did you come up with the idea for the album cover for “It’s Too Late”?

Aurora I aimed to design that cover as a tribute to the original Carole King “Tapestry” album cover which was one of the most iconic album covers of the 1970s. I didn’t copy the photo exactly, just as Mike and I didn’t copy the original song arrangement exactly – it’s pointless doing a cover if you can’t inject a little bit of yourself into it. Instead I made an “à la manière de” kind of tribute – creating a photograph close enough to the original to remind people of this without it being too close!

Q How did you find the location?

A I created the set in my studio room at my home in London and I chose a beautiful sunny morning for the shoot to make sure that the light would be good. At first, I wasn’t even sure that it would work at all…

Q Who took the photo?

A I did the photoshoot on my own with the help of a timer that left me time to take up my position then automatically triggered a series of shots on the camera.

Q That must have been difficult, especially getting the cat to co-operate…?

A That’s right! The most difficult bit was to get one of my cats to stay on that cushion, which they both loathe! I took hundreds and hundreds of pics until I got the right pose, not only of me but also of the cat! I would have preferred that my cat, Michou, turned his head toward the camera – but it seems that was asking for too much!

Q You look very relaxed and natural in the photo, wearing everyday clothes. Why did you not dress up for the picture?

A I am completely make-up free in that pic and I picked clothes which I thought would match the relaxed and unfussy style of Carole King in the original picture. So I chose clothes that I typically wear everyday to make sure I would look like me, not a clumsy version of Carole King!

Q Do you think that most people will realize this cover is based on the “Tapestry” cover?

A I showed the picture to a few of my friends before the release and got lots of interesting reactions. One of them said that the pic reminded him of something, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. When I showed him the original, he laughed and said “Yes, that’s it!”. Other people made the connection straight away. The ones who didn’t just told me they loved the pic for what it was. So, all-in-all, I think it works well!

“Fortune Teller”

Cover pic for "Fortune Teller" by Michael & Aurora

Q What’s the story about this song?

A “I went to a fortune teller, had my fortune read”.  The story is about a guy who goes to see a fortune teller, she tells him he’s going to meet the love of his life, it doesn’t happen, so he goes back to her to tell her off, but then realises that the love of his life… is the fortune teller! So the song is a love story… taking place, I imagined, in a gypsy fortune-teller’s caravan!

Q How did you come up with the idea for the cover image?

A Well, I wanted to capture the idea of being in the gypsy fortune-teller’s caravan with the visual. Not a tribute to the original artist, like I did with the cover for “It’s Too Late”, but something more moody, based on the lyrics of the song.

Q So what does the image represent?

A The picture is like a collage of a close-up of the fortune teller’s table… with a romantic twist!

Q Sounds intriguing – please tell more!

A I wanted to create something intimate, romantic, warm, calming and very sensual, but also enigmatic, intriguing and mysterious – just like the room, possibly in a caravan, where you’d go to have your fortune read. Things such as low candle light, warm red colours, the smell of incense, symbols, cards, a crystal ball – all subtly suggested – and a rose to represent romance!


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