Fourth Single Release on rude note records today!

October 20, 2011: The fourth single release on rude note records features soulful vocalist Da Paul with Mike Collins & Friends.

RNS 0004 – “Number One Girl (Edit Mix)” c/w “Number One Girl”

Cover image for Mike Collins | Da Paul recording "Number One Girl"

At last it’s here! “Number One Girl” is a great song that has been a favourite on UK soul music radio playlists since the original version by Light of the World was released in 1982. Now you can hear this brand new extended version by one of the song’s original co-writers, Mike Collins, with great vocals from Da Paul!

Click the link below to buy your copy now!

“Number One Girl” by Mike Collins & Friends featuring Da Paul


About rudenoterecords

Rude Note Records is a 'boutique' record label operated by Mike Collins - a music producer, recording engineer, studio musician and song co-writer who creates pop, folk, blues, soul and jazz music.
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