The naming of “Rude Movements”

“Rude Movements” by Sun Palace was recorded in the summer of 1981 but not released until the winter of 1983.

As my friend Tyler Askew puts it in his blog: “There are many connotations of the word RUDE that extend beyond the Oxford dictionary. The most obvious example would be in Jamaican music/culture– ‘rude’ signifies something that is cool or of a certain (high) quality. In the Kingston dancehalls, the sharpest dressed men were and are referred to as ‘rude bwoys’, for example. However, the origin for our “rude-thing” comes from a completely different and somewhat unlikely source.”

Yes, that source was me, inspired by my creative partner Keith O’Connell who would say “That was a really ‘rude’ note!” whenever he heard a particularly sexy, bluesy, ‘cool’ and usually ‘bent’ note played on guitar or synthesizer. When we created our first recorded instrumental track which had lots of these ‘rude’ notes, especially the spine-tingling bent notes played on the Prophet 5 synthesizer by Keith, I came up with the name “Rude Note” for our band and our music production partnership and the title “Rude Movements” for the instrumental track that would be our first release.

Passion Records finally released this recording as the B-Side of an alternative mix that was titled “Winning” and they changed the name of the band to Sun Palace which they thought sounded better. Although the 12″ single sold more than 10,000 copies on Passion, the record label never wanted a followup, and, feeling disillusioned with the struggle for many reasons, Keith decided he did not want to continue our creative musical partnership – so this was the only recording as Sun Palace that we ever released!

C’est la vie… at least it has withstood the test of time and has now become a cult classic in dance clubs around the world.

Mike Collins, August 2011


About rudenoterecords

Rude Note Records is a 'boutique' record label operated by Mike Collins - a music producer, recording engineer, studio musician and song co-writer who creates pop, folk, blues, soul and jazz music.
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